2 Moments in Detroit

A couple of great moments in Detroit. (for the record, I am touring along with Macklemore through the great working cities of the USA: Atlanta, Louiseville, Nashville, Alabama and Detroit where he plays in beautiful old theatres). At the end of each gig, we end late and go get some food.

So, after one of these nights in Detroit

#1 I’m in a bar late last night after eating at 11pm at the hotel. Chatting with a couple who’d gone to see Macklemore play at the outstanding Fox Theatre. Lisa was a fan, Kevin not so much, but to his credit had gone with Lisa and driven 2 hours from Bumfuck Michigan to attend. After a bit of chatting with Kevin (I’m trying to encourage him to take me fishing at 7 in the morning in the Detroit river as I recall) Lisa says, she likes how I’m being nice to Kevin and just letting what he says roll off me. I tell her “it’s nothing”.. mainly because I don’t know what she’s talking about. She then says “anyway, don’t worry about it”. Kevin’s being cool to this point but I take this as a warning and go and play pool.


There’s an argument between the barman and Kevin. This rapidly amplifies into an all out screaming match between Lisa, Kevin and the Barman. There’s a bit of pushing but ends in the Barman telling them both to get the fuck out of his bar and go fuck themselves and fuck off and fuck.

There’s only us left in the bar now. The Barman buys us all shots.

#2 I’m walking back from breakfast this morning a guy s trying to sell fake/stolen sunglasses. I tell him I’ve got no cash because I don’t. We start chatting, he’s liking my outfit and how saying i look like i’ve “got one of those people who dress you in the morning”. I thank him for the compliment and inform him that not only did I wake up “so hungover I barely knew where I was” but I’ve bought my clothes from the thrift shop (because I lost all my luggage) and have been wearing them for the last four days.

We laugh and he says “you look like a slick cat, how am I going to be able to see you again” I tell him “probably never bro”.

He pauses on the street, shakes his head and says “that’s so fucked up”…to which I reply “I know”.

We bump fists and walk away, never to see each other again.

It is so fucked up.

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