All hail Dog!

As you know, we’ve moved to LA. And have started settling in by getting our stuff shipped over. Including our dog, Frankie.
Frankie arrived, and a day or so after, my orange bike arrived too.
On Friday, I went to combine the 2 to ride the few miles, with the dog, to work.
It was super hot in LA (it has been a heat wave, even though it’s winter)
After a bit, she’s tired, which is normal, but then she stops. Which can happen when she’s tired and hot, so we walk the last few miles
On the way she starts bumping into things.
We get to work and she lies down. Then hops up and is increasingly walking into things. She doesn’t seem to mind, so it doesn’t really seem all that bad.
But then it happens more and more. This is not normal. She’s going blind.
We organise a vet visit, and I have to carry her to the car. She can’t see anything. She goes down steps, each one she suspects is a mile high. You can make noises to help, but she’s just guessing when she steps forward.
I take her to the vet, they confirm she’s completely blind. No ocular response. She can’t see, the eyeball doesn’t respond to light or movement which means nerve damage (aka neural necrosis) or brain damage.

Inline image 1

 This is her. She can’t see a thing. She’s got no iris. It’s a bright day. She can’t tell.
I come home, the dog is remarkably relaxed the family supportive of her, telling the neighbours about her plight. We resolve to have  a blind dog but I remain inspired by Frankie executing my favourite thing about dogs: they approach it like it’s nighttime, it’s cool, it’s just night for ever. Whatever.. Now where’s my food etc. It was lovely and terrible to see her like that.
Anyway, so I wake up to go to the Dog Opthamologist, and it’s still dark and I walk into the room she’s in to wake her up. I’m like “morning dog” and the dog looks at me and is like “right, cool, let’s go” and I’m like “hang on…” and she’s like “what?” and I’m like “You can see” and she’s like “yeah, i know” and I’m like “cool, let’s go to the beach.
Anyway, so we’re all spared more inspiration from a blind dog.
All hail dog.
P.S This is how she looks now in a bright day… all squinty, with nice brown Iris


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  1. PETER FLASH says:

    great news,what a relief.

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