Rocketboat Day!

I have been putting on Rocketcar Day for the last 10 years. It a day where people race little cars they’ve made on the streets and see who can get the farthest. It’s great fun but I was really excited to see how it could expand into an event like this.

People gathered at FoAM (where my family and i were artists in residence) and made boats to race on the canal. We had a barbecue and set the boats off in between the passing of large industrial barges. It was great fun and we learnt a lot (really the same as what we’ve been learning from rocketcar day for the last 10 years with a few small additions)

  1. gotta get your boat straight
  2. the rocket has to be straight too
  3. too short, tumbles
  4. the longer the better, because it doesn’t turn as easily
  5. too heavy is too slow, but that is often not your problem
  6. a keel keeps you straight.
  7. rockets are excellent fun

This is seriously the best video on the matter:

SadMan, at the helm of a folded cardboard number with a drogue,  had his own problems

Which were overcome in “The Relationship”. This was a longer version of SadMan’s boat, with it’s engine attatched properly

Check the rest out here.


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