Robert Butcher : NYC

Here’s  photo of Robert Butcher. He’s a New York / Sydney Fashion Photographer, ex-publisher of Tattoos Magazine, creator and manager of various Rock’n’Roll bands and accomplished raconteur. He’s a friend of a friend of mine from New York who died a few years back and it’s great to catch up when I’m here. Robert has just emerged from a 10 year agoraphobic stint which kept him more-or-less contained in his brooklyn studio.

This protracted episode was initiated by a combination of getting stuck in traffic out of Brooklyn to New York, which delayed his arrival to a meeting in the World Trade Center and then seeing them hit by 2 planes while stuck on the bridge.  Or maybe the home invasion from which he escaped with his life thanks to a mis-firing gun.

At any rate, he’s just recently embraced the outside world and is ‘seeing the world anew through other people’s eyes’. Welcome back.

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