Dead Bikes of New York

About 10 years ago, I was in Manhattan and was struck by the number of bikes chained up and slowly dissolving by the side of the road. It was moving, the sheer amount of them, the lost function of these creatures dying in slow-motion. Now that I’m back in the hood, I’m not sure there’s as many, but there’s still heaps. It’s not always clear who’s been left to die. I’ve seen people pumping up tires and recovering bikes too. Sometime’s they’re 10 deep. Sometimes discarded, sometimes someones precious possession. I’m revisiting the Dead Bikes, thinking of a project to put them in. A book perhaps. It’s a subject that isn’t totally innovative. So the question is, how to make it lovely and amazing. Perhaps stories and diagrams that explain how things came to be. It’s too difficult to capture them dissolving in time-lapse… some sort of animation?

Here’s the flickr collection. Ideas Welcomed.

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