3D Portrait and Interview: Allan Weisbecker

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Allan Weisbecker wrote “In Search For Captain Zero“, by all accounts a pretty popular piece of surf / road trip literature. I’ve watched him writing in his bungalow over looking the surf and thought i’d ask about how he travels and works at the same time.

He’s says he’s always been moving while working. He had an office for one day at Miami Vice, but left and told the secretary he’d send the script in a week. Why not? Script writing is a fairly solitary business. But what couldn’t be now a days? He’s shooting and editing a documentary / surf journal / world events film now on his laptop with his dog and learning as he goes. Easy. Except that his drive has died and he can’t get access to the film he’s writing. These are small details though that can get ironed out on the way.

The upshot for a sabbatical though, especially with a family, you find places to work wherever you can, because that’s what you do. Allan is unique in that he and his dog can travel wherever they want and check in according to publishers / TV peoples schedules, it doesn’t really matter where they are.

For a sabbatical, where I don’t need to check in with anyone but just need to continue to create and develop, it’s not a good reference.

Making a film: He’s been making a documentary which mixes moments from  his (quite amazing) life as a drug runner, miami vice writer, investigator, traveller, surfer, subject of films… with a road trip with his dog as they try to work out his anger at the various american wars and conspiracies therein. I’ve been watching his rough cuts and talking about how to make the a film about absolute machiavellian interconnectedness (plus surfing) make sense.  The difficulty is, that he’s a smart, likeable guy with an interesting and compelling history but he wants to present some dark thoughts about the world and how it’s run. The nature of the type of these thoughts is that they can sound crazy to the uninitiated… the conspiracy theorist’s dilemma. Plus it’s starting from the premise that he might actually be crazy… the crazy person’s dilemma.

I ended up interviewing Allan for his movie to try to get more details about his research and mind-set and hopefully elicited some pathos and insight. The first 2 nights of conversation really hurt my brain for a variety of reasons (looping logic, impenetrable facts, i had no information to work with, only what i was provided etc.) but this last night, on camera, in the interview setting, the conversation was pain free and productive. Was really glad to hopefully provide the movie with another dimension that will help people understand where Allans’ coming from and not just appear in the movie as another stooge who tries to come up with  counter claims to his  evidence….

I’m giving him the photos of him i took to include in the movie.

Also, I’ve been experimenting with ‘printing’ words in light (from the ipad, moving in the air.. i can explain more if you like). This might be a good avenue for awesomeness

Extra P.P.S. My relationship with Allan taks an unfortunate turn here where he takes exception to how i think.

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